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Community Awareness

Platinum Staffing & Referral Service is an employment and career development agency that works with a unique set of clients and businesses. Although we typically offer short and long term employment opportunities specifically for individuals who need a second chance, we also offer career development for individuals who are socially conscious and are looking to build a career for themselves with businesses and corporations that also support social initiatives.

As we work with employers throughout the community, our primary network of employers consist of businesses that have identified themselves as socially conscious corporations by action, not just words. As a staffing agency, our goal is to work with every applicant within out network to ensure all of our clients have an opportunity to work and provide for their family regardless of their background.

Every business in the network is also a proud member of the 3 D Economic Development Consortium. Unlike most staffing agencies, we play a significant role in creating various in-house employment opportunities through community-based economic development initiatives.


Social Entreprenuers

As a socially conscious corporation we also pride ourselves in offering specialized fast track income development systems for individuals who may be better equipped to become an independent contractor or entrepreneur themselves.

Many of these individuals may find themselves lacking basic education and employment skills necessary to enter into the typical workforce as an employee, but they may instinctively possess entrepreneurial skills that just need to be fine-tuned. Those applicants will be encouraged to enter into our fast track (community redevelopment program) as an independent contractor or an entrepreneur in training.

Successful applicants must be visionaries and possess the ability to work well in an environment of team players. Understanding the important role the private sector plays in our capitalistic society is essential. Equally significant is the ability of our applicants to see how their role can and must be valued as an employee or independent contractor of socially conscious businesses and corporations within their community.


Employee Value & Commitment

Platinum Staffing ARS is committed to  working with employers who have boldly proclaimed their priority as not just their bottom line but also a deep concern for the quality of life for their employees as well as the economic stability, safety and general well being of the communities their employees live in.

Platinum Staffing ARS believes in the tenets of paying it forward. Therefore, we expect all applicants, employees, as well as our entire network of employers to at least understand the importance of giving back to society which we gauge not just by proclamation but by works as well. Part of that understanding is why we specifically developed a division that works with second chance applicants.

There are more than 45 million people in the United States that need a second chance. Although our staffing agency is designed to cater to individuals who want and need a second chance, we welcome any applicant that believes and understands what Platinum Staffing ARS represents.


Creating A Better Future For All.

Platinum Staffing ARS


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