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We have a unique business model design here at Platinum Staffing & Referral Service.  We offer short term and long term employment systems for those who need a second chance and career development options for individuals looking to launch a career with businesses that are socially conscious.

As a second chance applicant for Platinum Staffing ARS there is no stigma attached.  In fact, your entire employment experience has been designed specifically to give you a level playing field and provide opportunities for success.   Included in our corporate strategy is a comprehensive system designed to include entry level employment opportunities through our internships as well as education completion programs.

All 2nd chance interns must complete training in a series of self-improvement units built into our system, specifically designed to increase the overall knowledge, appearance, job performance, critical thinking and social skills of our employees.                                                        ____________________________________________________________________________


There are more than 45 million people in the United States that need a second chance.  Our systems are designed specifically for individuals who have been convicted of a low level non-violent offense such as a drug offense or other low level offenses.  All  2nd chance applicants must apply for our paid internship program.  If you are accepted, your initial probation period will be 90 days.  All interns starting salary is competitive.

As an intern, you will have the opportunity to increase your pay after a successful completion of your 90 day probation period.  Once completed,  you will advance into our long term employment development program and qualify for additional company benefits such as medical, dental and a range of additional incentives designed to promote long term employment sustainability.

You will be cross trained in several areas including working for startup companies where we help train and promote new small businesses and new business owners in a variety of fields.   Working with our Strategic Partner Initiative delivers strong entrepreneur experience, marketing, promotion and business management skills.   Working with local nonprofits builds community strength and services.



As a socially conscious corporation, we also pride ourselves in offering specialized fast track income development systems for individuals who may be better equipped to become an independent contractor or entrepreneur themselves.

Many of these individuals may find themselves lacking basic education and employment skills necessary to enter into the typical workforce as an employee, but they may instinctively possess entrepreneurial skills that just need to be fine-tuned.  Those applicants will be encouraged to enter into our fast track (community redevelopment program) as an independent contractor or as an entrepreneur in training.

Although our staffing agency is designed to cater specifically to individuals who want and need a second chance, we welcome any applicant that believes and understands what Platinum Staffing ARS represents.


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