Platinum Staffing & Referral Service is proud to offer a wide array of service options. In addition to fulfilling basic staffing needs, we offer administrative and human resource services for small businesses.

We also offer a unique employment assistance program for local small and start up businesses that can help increase their productivity while also contributing to a healthier bottom line. In a fluid and global economy, adaptability of staffing and employment resources needs are key to taking advantage of new opportunities and expansion.

Utilizing the services of staffing agencies gives employers the flexibility to increase staffing when the need arises and decrease staffing as their industry demands.

The working-age population (18 to 64) is expected to increase by 42 million between 2012 and 2060, from 197 million to 239 million.  It will be necessary for that work group to embrace employment opportunities for the 21st century.  Exploring unique employment concepts will be  paramount for small businesses to give them the cutting edge they will need to compete on a global scale.

Technological advances have opened up an entirely new range of possibilities for employment and staffing assistance. Employment avenues available today were only ideas a few years or even a few months ago.

Staffing of employees from international zones is very commonplace in today’s workforce. Our workforce is comprised of contract staffers from 4 different countries and the list is growing fast!

As a proud and participating member of 3 D Economic Consortium, we are happy to do our part to help create employment opportunities for individuals needing a second chance and/or a pathway out of poverty. We strongly believe employment for this population brings a multitude of positive benefits and opportunities for every community.

Looking forward, we are excited about new opportunities on the horizon and venturing into new staffing industries. Innovation in employment! Embracing the challenges of the new economy! Platinum Staffing & Referral Service!

Employing Our Future!