Economic & Employment Options For A New Generation


3 D Employneur

(Em-Ploy-Neur) A hybrid employee that works in the capacity of an employee which guarantees a wage or salary. Second,as a social entrepreneur which helps pave the way to develop leadership and employment opportunities for others. Third,working within underserved communities as a resource advocate. Three community benefits in one.

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Social Entrepreneur

Just as business entrepreneurs create and transform whole industries,social entrepreneurs act as the change agents for society. Seizing opportunities others miss in order to improve systems, invent and disseminate new approaches and advance sustainable solutions that create social value. Social Entrepreneurs change society by addressing the needs of society.

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PTS Consultant

A Pathways-To-Success (PTS) Consultant is an individual who strives to improve himself/herself personally by gaining knowledge through formal and informal education and merging that knowledge with life experience. PTS Consultants strive to recognize the assets within themselves as well as the assets within the community in which they live. Education is knowledge and power.

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Global Employment

The same issues that have been found to be a root cause of poverty domestically have reached far beyond the borders of the US. Creating employment opportunities globally is a priority for our organization. We are actively working with advocates in the global community to open opportunities for long term employment in other countries.We are all connected.

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How is Platinum Staffing different from any other agency?

Answer:  Platinum staffing is a full service employment agency created by social entrepreneurs.  Although we work with all individuals, our primary focus has been placed on creating employment opportunities for individuals trapped in cycles of poverty as well as individuals that need a second chance.

Am I guaranteed a job?

Answer:  Although we strive to employ every person that applies for a job, we must always take into consideration the marketable skills the applicant currently possess as well as the applicant willingness to learn.

What if I need to develop marketable skills?

For individuals that need time to sharpen their marketable skill we do offer special entry level entrepreneurial training opportunities as well.

How can you offer benefits?

Just as our business model is unique so is our benefits package. We offer a limited  benefits package to employees that have been with us for at least 90 days. Additional qualifying criteria does apply.

As a for-profit business how can you focus on social issues?

Our organization is a Proud member of the 3 D Economic Development Consortium a hybrid organization made up of for profit social entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations.

What do you contribute to the Consortium?

We collaborate within the consortium to create jobs for our clientele as well as  entrepreneurial opportunities. We focus on in house job creation within the Consortium as well as developing community based social enterprises.


Up & Coming

Unemployment is a global social epidemic.
  • Thinking outside the box to create impact
  • Collaborating with international social entrepreneurs
  • Developing employment opportunities domestically as well as globally.
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Multiple City Employment Creation Tour
  • Employment opportunities for all
  • Creating opportunities for Advancement
  • Creating an impact by opening the windows of opportunity for all
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Business and Community
  • Building the bridge between business and community
  • Making an Impact
  • Working together to create long term employment
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